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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who would not want in wooing the search engines; to bring traffic to his blog? How much will your steps and stumbling angry that such engines on them! .. Well, the issue is not related to emotions, but in ways that foundations and specific methodology to gain the friendship of the search engines .. It's techniques Sioux SEO.SEO optimization seo services seo companies seo marketing cheap seo seo company search engine optimisation best seo tools

-What is the seo ?
The term SEO is a brief phrase (Search Engine Optimization), and mean (Creating websites for search engines optimize the way).
There is no doubt that the Sioux had become an important part can not be ignored when creating any website or blog; and some prefer to divide the criteria into two sections:
1 - On Page SEO Techniques
And are the internal criteria that are applied from within the pages of the site itself.
2 - Off Page SEO Techniques
And represents the external standards that are applied from outside the site.
And the outcome of the matter is to become the site (a friend) to search engines, and becomes a (visible) matter more clearly, achieving an arrangement best when they are searching for any of its content, as well as to be displayed in the results in a way that a better experience for the person who is on the research process.
- What is the importance of Sioux SEO?

To stay any site alive - so to speak - must remain the flow of visitors continues especially on the search engines, and this is what contributes to the Sioux significantly that has been applied techniques to optimize (Note that in terms of profitability, the presses of visitors who come of search engines on AdSense ads are often high compared to any other quality of visitors).

In order that the search engines differentiation between the pages indexed have to appear in the ranks of advanced or not, it depends on dozens of factors as the title is, and the number and quality of links that lead to it, and content, as well as Location Tags own description of the site, and Titles , and pictures .. Etc., and what is the form in its entirety all standards Sioux and what is taken up in detail in the following lines.
First Planning - Planning

Note: most of the details that will be mentioned in the standard (planning) for the SEO exposures used previously in a series Niche Extreme, so it will be mentioned with advantage overview Back to blog entries referred to for more details; to prevent the repetition of ideas.
-1 - Keyword Research - Search for the keyword

Choose a word or phrase that will be tagged with the establishment of the Blog or website is the most important step in the Sioux system; where you have to choose a keyword check a reasonable number of searches per month, in addition to be a search for a regular year-round, not seasonal. You can rely on my service Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends to check the former employees.
 Keyword Tool
Google Trends
The figure shows first the number of searches, which is a month of the sentence tagged with Pet bedding and the estimated 4400 a search from within the United States, and a total of 8100 full search operations around the world, and is the unique numbers for those who wish to create a blog Nitesh on this subject, especially that price Ankara is equal to $ 1. You can view the blog entries Search for Keyword profitability for more details about using the tool Keyword Tool.

The second figure shows the stability of searches throughout the year for the same sentence, tagged, and the possibility of relying on the search engine to bring regular visits in the long term.

And to make sure that the possibility of competition in that sentence to appear rank high on search engines, you can use the program of Traffic Travis, and which teach you how difficult the competition (easy - relatively easy - difficult - very difficult). See the blog entries discuss the competitiveness of Nis for more details.
-2 - Domain - domain

Choose a name and type is at least as important as choosing the keyword itself; As we indicated in our conversation on how to buy a domain and linked to the code of blogger that it was necessary for complete control over the key word is that the range is driven, and that contains the address on that word specifically so (www., see the entry listed for more details as well as guidance for the selection of the domain name.
Second, On Page SEO - internal criteria for SEO

Standards address the internal SEO to all of the items contained in any page on the Internet almost from: text, links, pictures, addresses .. Etc.. And needed to make some modifications and additions to these elements to become the fullest of Sioux hand .. Let's eat some detail:
-1 - Page Title - Page Title
The search results appear (for Blogger Blogs) often along the following lines: (address) Code first and then (police) and (e) and the entry in the first line (in blue) as shown in the following picture:

And is undoubtedly the layout organizer, except that Google only displays 70 characters maximum for this title in its entirety, and this means that if the title of entry was too long, it will not appear in full and thus may leave the person who is on the research process this page and move to the other, although the rest of the Title (amputee) may hold the key word that may attract search engine visitors.

So, is resolved this way by making the (address entry) before the address (the Code); even if it exceeds Title seventy characters are truncated part of the title of the Code and not from the title of entry was (and is the most useful for the researcher), and thus increase the likelihood of a click on a link blog.

And to do so, go to your blog template from Blogger Control Panel, and look for the following code:
<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>
And then replace CODE follows:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>
<title> <data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/> </ title>
</ b: if>
And the result of this modification on the template as shown:

-2 - Description - Description of the page
Unfortunately, the situation of a default Blogger templates is that the characterization of all pages is the same code descriptions, and warns him is what Google site owners, and though Many have fallen in this error and that their status code Description Description in the following way

Find Code:
    <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
Then add the following code directly below it:
<meta Content='jmlh describe Moqa' name='Description'/>
However, that method makes the description is repeated with all the pages and blog entries Code, and is contrary to explicit techniques Sioux. The best way is a description of each particular blog post on alone, and is done as follows:

From Control Panel went to Blogger template code and look for the following code:
Paste the following code below the immediately preceding code:
 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<meta Content='ocef in the site is generally suitable for any Cefhh' name='description'/>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.url == "rabott entry Alawly"'>
<meta Content='ocef entry Alawly' name='description'/>
    </ B: if>
  <b:if cond='data:blog.url == "rabott entry Althanih"'>
<meta Content='ocef entry Althanih' name='description'/>
    </ B: if>

    </ B: if>
And is repeated code in green with adjustable links, as well as descriptions of each new post you write, and this means that you must modify the template with each new post, but the fact that it was worth it; the result is quite satisfactory, and increase CTR researchers to blog entries forums different search engines; where the researcher brief description of an extensive blog entries contribute to convince him to click .. Vtfnn permission!


As for those who want to make all things are determined automatically, and do not want to do the amendment on the template and the other from time to time, they can use the following code instead of the previously mentioned:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName + data:blog.title' name='Description'/>
</ b: if>

And the description of this code to make any blog entries is the title of entry plus the title of the Code, and thus ensuring a different job descriptions and an automated manner .. I think that the way in which preceded the best and more professional .. Is not it?

-3 - Images - Photo
There is no image is disagreement over its importance, and may alienate Visitor Makant If the page does not contain only the content of a text and only and are quick to leave. However, the algorithms used by search engines is still limited so far to analyze the image content itself, so it is advisable to conduct some amendments to the BB the inclusion of pictures, which will be used in posts your; in order to be friendly to search engines and by the following:

A - Before you lift any picture to be used in posts your, re-named in line with the content, and preferably contains the name on the keyword you are trying to target is marked with (-) or (+) between the words name instead of spaces.

B - after the end of the process of lifting, and the inclusion of the picture into the entry and you are in the development of authorship entry, you now enter the HTML mode and insert the picture you will find code like the following:
<img src=""/>
C - then the code for the amendment becomes like this:
<img src="" alt="image Description"/>
D - Replace the image Description Short description of the image, and is what the search engines can read it.

By this simple step, you can attract visits from search engines images, and is a very important step, especially as the forums they depend mainly on the images such as codes of entertainment and Prices, for example.
-4 - Links - links
Ties as well as its share of Sioux techniques, when you select a word and make it a link refers to a post in the other forums, try to use the appropriate text for the link and would prefer if it contains the keyword that target, and moved away from common words. The following examples may illustrate the idea more:

1 - "Adsense is given certain privileges and powers of the broader senior Naharihm, and give them the so-called Adsense account the distinctive"

2 - "give the best advantages of AdSense account holders special .. Click here for more details."
In the first example used the phrase almost similar title and the associated entry containing the word "AdSense" targeted in the plan Adsense code in general, and is the best thing to do with internal links.

The second example is a worst Sioux on the one hand, where you link the phrase "click here" as the previous entry, and no doubt is what gives a bad impression of the Google Bot the mechanism of the structure of internal links of the Code.

If you want to refer to any external site, you need a code to use Nofollow; to prevent leakage Alipidj Rank for your site and to maintain the reputation of Google's reputation, and by modifying the code link to read as follows:
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> visit site </ a>
Instead of the traditional and the code is like this:
<a href=""> visit site </ a>
And is the point must be taken into consideration, especially as I was doing my ad exchange with any other code and refer to it, or that you always refer to external sites, either to benefit or to download the content.
-5 - Headings - headings of the Interior (gold tips)
Title of the blog, as well as addresses and posts, and sub-headings in the core content Entries have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of Sioux on your blog; which is defined to address these spiders Balocuad the following:
<h1> Blog Title </ h1>
<h2> addresses Entries </ h2>
<h3> sub-headings within the post, and also addresses Alseid bar </ h3>

  But - and unfortunately - the default mode for templates Blogger is that the addresses Entries take the code h3 and headings and sub take the code h2, and is what causes damage to the Aasthen to perform the forums in terms of Sioux; Hbut that the text enclosed in php to h2 is more important than that, surrounded by h3 from the perspective of search engines; so do check the positions of those codes inside the forums through the following steps:

1 - Download tool for web developer toolbar Balvairvuks.
2 - After its installation, access to the home page of your blog.

3 - from the toolbar, which is blamed developers sites, press the icon and select the Outline of outline headings, and choose also show element name, as shown in the picture below

Now you'll find all your blog titles have been identified, and write the name of its own code next to either h1, or h2, or h3. Applying this to the plan Adsense, for instance, that is the result:
Of course - and as we have seen - the situation needs to modify the template code to overcome the problem, and this is done through the following:

1 - directed to the amendment to the Code Valb Control Panel blogger.

2 - press ctr + f and search for all h2 are present, and replace it with h9, for example.

3 - Look for and replace all the h3 to h2.

4 - Now, replace each with h9 h3.

5 - save the template.
Excellent, you are now you switch BB h2 to h3 and contrast enhanced so from a hierarchy of titles for search engine spiders that roam your site from time to time and the other, and to make sure that you have to work perfectly, then makes sure it is using the toolbar developers sites as previously explained .

As for the code h1 and your entitled the Code itself, despite its importance, but some is not to write the address and replace it in only, and this error is common but the best is that you choose a behind title and description, rather than instead of title and description if you wish to put image as the title of the site, with the addition of the following code template:
. Header h1
visibility: hidden;
-6 - Keyword Density 
What makes a page from your own site appear in search results when you search the word cat bedding, for example?

Of course the presence of that word in the title of Entries in addition to its presence within the textual content of the blog entries themselves, but not the other words there others? Here comes the importance of standard (keyword density), and is the ratio mentioned that word compared to other words, if any entry of 500 words, and the mention of the word cat pedding Five times, the intensity of that word is equal to (5/500) * 100 any 1%.

If you target a keyword is, it's best not be less than the ratio of 3 or 4% and not more than 5 or 6% .. Of course not those percentages are percentages magic to control the keywords, but as can be seen, the figure was a few has become the proportion of another word more and thus become the target (the effect appears on the ads AdSense targeted), and that the ratio was large it considers to search engines spam article.

And there are dozens of sites on the Internet that provide service to know density of keywords, you nominate her for this site
-7 - Page Load Time - time of page load
Until the time it takes the page to download the considerations taken in Sioux! Any time whenever the page is loaded whenever he gave less priority to the emergence of advanced results in being equal with the other pages in all the other factors. So it's best commitment to the following rules to reduce the download time of pages:

A - Stay away from any additions Gadgets unnecessary exposure such as those hours, or visitor .. Etc..

B - Click images to the smallest possible size using the extension. Jpeg, and if necessary display a large image size, position and plug it in her thumbnail original image when clicked.

C - else you can think about is to put an audio file runs automatically when you login to your web site!
D - If you frequently use images in your blog, advise you to add the following code directly above the <head/>
<script charset='utf-8' src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script charset='utf-8' type='text/javascript'>
$ (Function () {
$ ("Img"). Lazyload ({placeholder: "", threshold: 200});
</ Script>
Where this code will contribute to delay in downloading images to a visitor scroll down and work for the pages long and full of pictures.

You can now, through the new interface for Google Analytics Google Analytics to find out about the time of your blog pages load accurately and many of the analyzes associated with them and go to the list of the content side, and choose Site Speed.

-8 - Updating content - content update

Must not become forums inactive for long periods; therefore its negative impact on the performance of your blog is on the search engines. And I know also that the publication of a post and one on a regular basis, either every day or every week, for example, 50 is better than writing blog entries at once in one day, then leave the forums with no new issues for months.

You can - if you do not have enough time - processing a number of posts and write a one-time adjustment option with automatic deployment to deployment in a specified future date for each individual blog entries, and thus ensuring update the content automatically and regularly.

This is done by clicking on the list of side schedule in Edit mode and select the Articles set date and time, and then specify the date and time that you want to be publishing the entry automatically, and repeat this with the rest of the other Articles that you had already processed.
If you are a fan (Automation) process profit from Adsense, I advise you that the processing of 48 blog entries (eg learning how to find the content of the codes of profitability), and then activate the option to schedule, and then choose a different day each interval 7 days between one and other. Do you know? .. I have just automates the process of publishing a post a week in the forums and profitability for a full year!

Thirdly Off Page SEO - SEO external standards for

Standards which are coordinated and taken care of outside of your blog, and can be considered - except for the first criterion - in ways to promote themselves, they rely mainly on building a strong network of links that point to your site and is what we do, in fact, to promote.
-1 - Submit to search engines - added to the search engines

When Atalaqk new to your blog, it may take time until you reach the search engine spiders (and is a small software based indexing of all that is new from the pages on the Internet). So it's best that you inform your own search engines that your blog exists to gain some time. Do not tire yourself when added to dozens of engines; Fadavcha of three adults (Google - Yahoo - Bing) is enough.

Added a way for Google:

Direct link to add your sites Google workers, and then type the title of your blog is private and then press submit Request, with the note that you must have an account in Webmaster tools of the Google so you can added.

- Added a way for Bing and yahoo:

Also directed to the next link, and scroll down a bit to the bottom of the page, and then type the full blog address and press (send title url). The best is that you log in the official Web Machine tools for Bing from the same link above; so you can start a blog of yahoo as it also included service in addition to the sites of those of the Bing.
-2 - Link building - building external links

And is the crux of the matter - as they say - for the Off-page SEO; Valjuzmyat core, which rely on search engines to process the ranking and which is called PageRank based on the idea that if there was a link pointing to your site from another site, this is the (vote) on the the importance of your site, and the more (votes) The higher the Rank or rank of your site.

And you can get those links through dozens of ways, but make sure when you build your links to be a good number of them carrying a tag nofollow; because doing so would be just to attract links and visits, but not only contribute to the upgrading of the (rank) Movek.

Due to the correlation of this standard to promote himself, Vsazkr places here that you can publish the links of which sum, delaying detail for the next blog post and the last of a series of Niche Exrtreme, and which will be on ways to promote codes of profitability.

And that the inclusion of your site's link in your signature, and a personal Moadih good you can always be on the first page of the section, who participates in it, replenished more visits, as well as increase your site's rank

It is easy to find the codes of specialization related to your blog, leave your comments on the distinctive subject matter, and included your link in the place reserved for him, and not the bottom of the comment; so as not to delete your comment.

Exchange Links (Link Exchange):
If you find a code approach in statistics (page Rank - Alexa rank - the number of visitors, etc. ..) from your own or better, please feel free to ask for the advertising exchange to exchange links.

Important Note: If you link your site, and link the other site of the same type Dofollow or Nofollow, will not contribute to the upgrading of any of you. Arranged to be your link dofollow and nofollow link the other site for a period of time, and the opposite for another time; even exchange brought to fruition

Evidence articles:
And what the most, where you publish an article or more forums in the related field of such evidence, which allows you to add a link your site or blog if you want at the end of the article. You to nominate the following machine,,

Evidence of publication:
All you need is to add the links in these posts your evidence that you nominate them,,

Social networking sites:
 Kalves Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus

Video sharing sites:
Add several clips on YouTube or vimeo link with the addition of forums beside them may give you the number of visits did not imagine one day!


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